We develop unique software

taking into account every detail of your business
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We design logic We examine a business model and design effective operating scenarios for the future program with due attention to every detail
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We develop interface We develop intuitive interface that provides fast and user-friendly operation
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We develop system We accurately implement all the possible features by means of reliable software tools
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We increase profitability We provide business transparency, cost reduction and improvement of employee performance
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We justify confidence

both in developing complex bespoke software and in building software for small business
And there are 25 projects for24 customers in our portfolio

Our customers speak about us "in figures"

admit that it's much more important than vague phrases about our eight-year experience in the market
25% General profit increase after software implementation General manager of Public clinic
under scientific supervision of V.I. Dikul, Mironovich Filipp
32% General profit increase after software implementation Manager of IT-projects KDL, Shiryaev Aleksey
20% Work intensification of internal warehouse logistics staff Shipping department manager Rehau, Bashirov R.H.
60% Acceleration of processing and control of requests for ATM repair by the service center Manager of IT-service Hendz Holding, Andreev Sergey
18% Reduction in expenses for fuel by means of more efficient route planning Executive Director of Chetra promyshlennye mashiny, Chetverikov Sergey
25% Work intensification and defect reduction in case of number-plate recognition Manager of the city parking lots inspection department AMPP, Danilov Danila
We have many examples of that kind ( Show more figures reduce the block )

Brief overview
of our work principles

  1. Order of business

    Usually we work on the classical model "Time & Material", i.e. payment is made on an hour basis. However, we are ready to work on the Fix Price model. We have extensive experience in implementing projects on this model.
  2. Technical competence

    Our company has experience in developing programs for microcontrollers (AVR/ARM, Assembler/C), web applications (ASP.Net Core, React, Angular .), desktop applications (WPF / Qt), mobile applications (React Native / Xamarin). For the development of the server side (backend) we use .Net Core. Also we have experience in work with Node.JS and in Windows drivers development using DDK.
  3. Methodology

    For the projects implemented on Time&Material model, Agile / Scrum are used. For the projects implemented on Fix Price model, Waterfall model and Agile are applied.
  4. Industries

    The main industries where we have performed the largest number of projects are medicine, mobility and logistics, production management, B2B sales support systems.

More information

UI designing and analytics

Each of our projects is necessarily subjected to business analytics and user-interface design. The result is tested on real users and coordinated with the customer. You can take a look at UI prototype instance.

Continued support

We provide full technical support for our solutions 24/7.

About company

Our company is in Russia with its head office in Moscow and several subsidiaries in other cities. The team consists of 21 developers, 4 analysts, 5 UI designers, 5 project managers, 6 testers and 5 employees of other specialties.

We are ready
to cooperate

Telephone numbers +7 495 504-49-01, +7 499 347-25-18