About the company

Facts and figures

Our company was founded in 2006. At the present time, we have 26 employees, not including freelancers. For the time of our work, we managed to implement more than 30 projects in various fields: medicine, transportation, trade, finance, education and others. Our clients are both small companies and large corporations (Rehau, Lear, CBRE, etc.).

Our principles

  • We don't like poor-quality work and don't do it. If a customer wants cheaper project at the expense of its quality, we refuse to do it.
  • We don't give kickbacks and interest on transactions, choosing fair competition and high quality of service.
  • We don't participate in projects when the contractor is chosen only according to the price.
  • Our employees are our major asset. It's difficult to get a job at our company (we choose only 1 out of 40 people), but we are proud of our team.
  • We consider ourselves competent enough to implement projects the way we think is right. We don't always defer to the customer's opinion and don't do poor-quality work just because he has asked about it. But we don't have any failed projects.
  • If something is done quickly, but badly, everyone will forget about the quickness soon, but he or she will always remember about the poor result. If something is done long, but good, everyone will forget about the long wait, but the qualitative result will always reward the eye.