Our reports, publications and certificates

In addition to our core activity - software development - we regularly speak at conferences, publish articles, video lessons, etc. Our initiatives are presented on this page.

Publications and articles

Book "XML data protection"

Article about SSMA on technet.microsoft.com
published on Microsoft's main technical portalt

Article in "Information and measuring and control systems magazine"

Certificates and awards

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)

Speeches at conferences

Report at Teched Russia - the Russian version of worldwide known TechEd conference

Speech at SQL Server Usergroup (2011) - - meeting of the Microsoft database community

Report at Platform-2011 - Microsoft largest technical conference

Speech at Visual Studio '10 Launch - conference held on occasion of release of Visual Studio 2010 development environment

Our presentation at DevConf - conference on web development issues

Report at SQL Server Usergroup (2010) - meeting of Microsoft database community

Presentation of our project at MDNA Usergroup (2009) - meeting of the technical community on web development

Our speech at SQL Server Usergroup (2008) - meeting of Microsoft database community

Customer reviews

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