History of our company


The story of our company began with purchase of a book about HTML and PHP. This entailed creation of several simple websites "for internal use" and gave rise to interest in the field of web construction as a whole.


The first commercial project - a website and online store for "Cartridge Center". The order was executed off the books. Soon we started receiving new orders many of which are presented in «Old works» section..


The volume of website development orders became big enough to make a decision on further development. That was the year when our company got its name and a registered domain.

Domain registration Nevlabs

In the same year, the company ceased to consist of one person - the staff was replenished by three new employees.


On March 18, 2008, we finally registered as a full-fledged legal entity - LLC "Nevlabs" appeared. In the same year, we completed the transition from PHP to the .Net stack.


Accumulated experience and competence allowed us to make an important decision: to leave the site creation sector and choose the field of software development. The projects became much more interesting; we had less competitors, while the project budget grew.


We have successfully implemented the first project combining software and hardware - electronic board for LLC "Dialaser". The experience we gained enabled us to take even more complex and interesting projects. The company staff included more than 15 employees.


We launched a new field of work - structural design works.

How our site changed

1st version (2006)

The very first version of our site. It was not so useful: as we did not use ads at that time and our site had hardly any visitors. The site existed on a pro forma basis. Most customers came to us by recommendations.

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2nd version (2008)

Having transformed into a legal entity, we began planning ads placement. But prior to do this, we had to radically rework our site. We supplemented it with software development section, although it was pretty modest at that time, since our key field of activity was still website development.

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3rd version (2010)

In 2010, we decided to change the design again and make it more "technical" and multi-purpose. A turn to the field of software development was outlined. This version has lived a long time - till 2015 when it was replaced by our current, 4th version.

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