Program for selection of explosion-proof cases and inlets

Previous history

In 2010, we developed a system for selecting the cases for this customer. Since then, the company has grown and in 2014 it was decided to develop a new system meeting all new requirements of the customer.

Essence of the system

The company produces explosion-proof cases. Exemplary model of this case is presented below:

Explosion-proof case

The system developed by us is designed to form orders for production of cases and monitoring their status. Every order passes the following stages:

Life cycle of the box production order

The case is the basic element of every order. Additional elements attached to the cases may include:

  • Cable inlets;
  • Terminals;
  • Buttons, lamps, etc.
Elements of the box production order

Main menu

Main workplace of the manager looks as follows:

Start screen of the order generation program

Editing the product range

Description of the system begins with product range editing interface. We'll show it on the example of the main part - the case:

Editing the product range in the software
Editing the product range in the software
Editing the product range in the software

As you can see, for every case the administrator uploads images in different projections which will be used in the order drawing mode (see below).

Other kinds of parts (inlets, terminals, etc.) are edited in the same way.

New order generation

The manager starts collecting the order with selection of the case, whereupon the cable inlets for every side of the box are selected:

New order formation interface

There are 4 sides in total - A, B, C, and D. Thus, the system calculates the number and chooses the kind of inlets for every side of the box and does not allow exceeding the permissible value for the order.

After completing selection of the order components, the manager enters additional information:

Interface for new order formation in the software
Interface for new order formation in the software

Order drawing creation

One the order is generated, the manager starts creating the drawing.

Unique feature of the system developed by us consists in creation of the drawing directly in the browser. The final result automatically fits into the standard "GOST" frame and can be saved as a PDF file.

Drawing formation process consists in arranging all order parts on the box. The manager simply drags the image of parts to the case side image. If necessary, the grid, i.e. the minimum pitch distance for moving images across the box, can be set.

Exemplary process of arranging the cable inlet, terminals, and a green lamp on various surfaces of the case is shown below:

Drawing formation interface
Drawing formation interface
Drawing formation interface

The created drawing can be either saved as a PDF file or reedited directly in the browser.

In addition to the drawing itself, the PDF file is automatically supplemented with a table with the list of applied elements (specification).

Viewing the order status

For every order, the manager can adjust the price parameters, as well as view or correct the status.

So, for example, the manager can issue a command to start order formation in a warehouse or send it to assembly at production department.

Viewing the order status in software

Completing the order in a warehouse

A warehouse employee uses a separate interface displaying the orders to be completed:

List of orders in the program

By clicking the order, the storekeeper sees detailed information about the list of required components. The system automatically tracks the number of items for every product range and alerts on impossibility to complete the order due to component shortage.

Detailed order information in software

Viewing the stock balance

In a separate window, the manager can view the current stock balance for any product range, as well as to register a write-off or receipt:

Warehouse software interface

In addition, the program includes a report showing the write-offs or receipts of all items for the selected period:

Report on movement across the warehouse in software

Order production

Employee of production department sees the orders that have already been formed in the warehouse and were received as a set of components:

Production manager Interface

After clicking on the order, the employee sees all the information required for assembly:

Viewing the information about the order to be produced in the software

If necessary, the employee can open a drawing that has been formed by the manager earlier.

After completing the order, the employee ticks off "Order is ready" field and the manager receives notification on it.

Other functions

The system includes several kinds of reports, for example, a sales report:

Sales report in the program

Besides, the program features many additional editable directories (thread diameters, box colors, inlet materials, etc.). The full list can be seen in the screenshot above.

Review about the project

Review from Gornaya avtomatika
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