System of remote application entry

The group of companies KDL make medical analyses. Today it is the second largest network of medical offices in Russia.

In the spring of 2012, we began to improve the basic information system of the customer. Operators enter all applications for analysis via that system.

This system was implemented as a web application that interacts with the SQL Server database. That implementation dissatisfied the customer for a number of reasons: unreliability, poor performance, lack of features. Therefore, it was decided to create a new system, specially optimized for the needs of the client.

We needed not only to implement the system itself, but also to integrate it with the existing database.

The analysis revealed that the developer of the previous system designed the database structure very badly. Many features of SQL Server were not used, which could ensure the data consistency. In addition, some connection solutions within the database were beyond the rational framework.

First of all, we optimized the database structure where it was possible. In some cases, it was impossible, since the data from the database was used by other applications (for example, 1C), and the the structure customization would make them dysfunctional.

After that, we started developing the main web-system. The implementation was based on the ASP.Net MVC technology.

The system consists of two main components: the administrator part and the user part.

In the administrator part, the system settings are performed. In addition, all users and medical offices are managed here, i.e. access rights, region, available set of analyses, etc. are specified.

The user part is used by the health workers that take analyses. Preparation of a client's application is implemented in two steps. First, the user's personal data is entered:

Разработанная система. Заполнение личных данных посетителя.

Second, the analyses that a client wants to make are selected, the paid amount is calculated taking into account all discounts:

Разработанная система. Выбор анализов и тестов.

In addition, after filling the application, the operator can print a label with a barcode that is sticked to a test tube. It is printed right from the web page with the help of a special thermal printer.

Печать штрихкода на пробирку с веб-страницы.

We still cooperate with the group of companies KDL.

Review about the project

Review from KDL Group of companies
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