Monitoring of road network condition

For the "Moscow parking" (SPI AMPS) we have developed the system to monitor road conditions in Moscow.

The system consists of two applications: client application and server application.

Client application

The client application is installed on a mobile device (Android) and operates as follows:

  • An officer takes photo of an incident (parking violation, closed number plate, disabled parking meter, vandalism, etc.);
  • The situation is selected, which deals with the given photo;
  • A comment is provided, if necessary;
  • Information is sent to the server.

Let's illustrate the process.

The officer points the camera at the desired object and takes a photo:

Программное обеспечение мониторинга состояния улично-дорожной сети - выполнение снимка

After that, the officer selects a situation, which deals with the photo:

Выбор категории ситуации в ПО

In some cases, one more photo is required to be taken. For example, when a number plate is closed with paper sheet, two photos should be taken, i.e. before and after.

Выполнение второго снимка

After that, the information is placed in the local buffer, where it is sent to the server. The officer can specify whether to send messages from the buffer only if there is Wi-Fi or to use cellular communication. It is done to save mobile traffic.

There is also helpful information in the application: routes, oficers and so on.

Server application

It is implemented as a web application. Since the system is in development, only the basic features are briefly described below.

For example, you can view the general list of the sent reports with filtering and general statistics:

Просмотр отчетов в программе

Statistical data on all controllers and groups is also available:

Статистика по персоналу в ПО

Clicking on the number of reports made by controller Ivanov on the situation "Closed license number", you can see all the reports that this inspector has made on this situation.

Statistics of violation fixations on the map:

Просмотр в приложении статистики на карте Москвы

In the form of the heat map:

Тепловая карта присланных отчетов в ПО

The system provides several levels of access. For example, there is a full level of access for managers, and there is a shortened one for controllers (view of their reports only).

The system is still in development.

Review about the project

Review from Moscow parking (GKU AMPP)
from the head of municipal parking department Danilov D.N. View