Mobile application for fare payment

We have developed a new mobile application for fare payment using a barcode for the company "Sistema Multipass", the software of which operates in all Moscow validators of public transport. It is developed for iOS and Android platforms.

The user registers in the system using the mobile phone number. A personal balance is established on his account, from which money for fare is written off. The mobile application generates a unique barcode that you need to scan on the validator in public transport.

Application start-up screen:

Мобильное приложение пассажира - вход

The registration process is quite simple:

Мобильное приложение пассажира - СМС-подтверждение регистрации

When an account is registered, a user can log in:

Мобильное приложение пассажира - авторизация

The main screen of the application displays a barcode that you need to bring to the validator. If the user thinks that the barcode has been compromised, he can forcedly update it with the appropriate button.

Мобильное приложение пассажира - штрихкод для оплаты проезда

Main menu:

Мобильное приложение пассажира - главное меню

Personal account replenishment is implemented directly in the mobile application:

Мобильное приложение пассажира - пополнение личного счета

In addition to the barcode, it is possible to use traditional contactless cards (Troika, Strelka, bank card, etc.). In this case, the card isn't a source of writing-off of amounts or trips, but a carrier of a unique code by which you can determine the user. In other words, money from a bank card is not written off in this case.

To do this, it is necessary to add the card to your account. It can be done by entering the card number manually or by scanning it using the built-in NFC reader.

Мобильное приложение пассажира - привязка бесконтактной карты

In addition to one-time trips, you can purchase a travel card for a month. You can also buy a ticket to some cultural centers:

Мобильное приложение пассажира - покупка проездного

The application also allows creating a widget with a barcode and place it on the location provided in Android/iPhone.

The system implementation has begun in Novosibirsk, and it is planned to be implemented in other cities of Russia.

We have also developed a mobile application for a ticket collector, that operates within the same system.