Mobile application for a ticket collector

We have developed a mobile application for fare payment for the company "Sistema Multipass". Within the same system, an application for ticket collectors has been developed.

The application has been developed for Android OS. The application operates together with the application for a passenger.

First of all, the ticket collector logы in the application:

Авторизация контролера

When entering the transport, the controller puts the phone to the validator, and they exchange data on the passengers' entries via NFC:

Процесс обмена с валидатором
Процесс обмена с валидатором

After that the ticket collector can start controlling. A passenger can show a barcode, a card or a phone number as a "ticket".

The barcode is scanned using the integrated camera:

Сканирование штрихкода пассажира

The contactless camera is put and read via NFC:

Чтение бесконтактной карты через NFC

If the passenger has paid for the fare using the barcode, but at the time of the control his phone has run out of charge, you can control it by his login, i.e. by the phone number:

Проверка пассажира по номеру телефона

The control results are displayed on the screen:

Результат проверки оплаты проезда

Also, the ticket collector can see the statistical data on his shift:

Статистика по смене контролера

Preliminary system implementation has begun in Novosibirsk.