Integration of corporate system with cash register

OmniLife is a large international MLM-company. Its headquarters are located in Mexico.

We were contacted by the Russian representative office with a request to improve the basic software. The software was developed in the company's headquarters, but the Russian environment required creation of additional module for observance of the tax legislation.

The module developed by us had a form of a specific app. It carries out the following functions:

  • Import of the paid orders from the basic MLM-system;
  • Import of goods database from local 1-;
  • Printing the receipts on Atoll cash register with fiscal storage device;
  • Other basic functions for work with cash register - opening/closing of shifts, encashment, printing of reports, etc.

Program entry starts with input of cashier's password which is required for correct work with the cash register:

screen with login

Screen of the basic operations with the cash register:

Screen with buttons for the cash register

Some of the operations required input of additional data. For example, the encashment required to enter the amount:

Developed program - screen with input of encashment amount

The work with goods directory is carried out on the separate screen. Entries are imported from the file - roll-out from 1-.

App - screen with goods directory

The basic process - printing the receipts for orders - is automated. The app constantly browses a certain folder to detect any files with orders (in XML format, exported from the basic MLM-system of the customer). Once a new file appears, its correctness is checked (compliance with format, availability of all order items in the goods directory, etc.). In case of successful check, the cash register prints a receipt and the file is deleted. Operation results are recorded to the log.

On "Log" screen, the user can view the history of operations:

Developed program - screen with log

As you can see, the user can view both successfully completed orders and files with errors:

screen with log - errors

"Settings" screen enables to setup a folder which can be scanned for detection of new orders, and other parameters:

screen with settings

The app has been successfully introduced and is used up to now.