Monitoring of RR passenger trains

Modern RR passenger trains are equipped with special embedded computers, designed to monitor the location of the train.

The computers are supplied by the company "Fink elektrik", and we have developed software for them.

The software is an application for Linux, operating with two modems:

  • 3G/GPRS;
  • Satellite.

The main tasks performed by the application are:

  • Determination of current position (via satellite modem) and its display on the map;
  • Regular sending of position data to the RR server;
  • Sending of emergency messages to the RR server.

When sending data, the priority is given to 3G-modem. The application first tries to send data via it, but if there is no connection (no signal), it sends data via satellite modem.

The main application screen is as follows:

ПО мониторинга поездов РЖД - основной экран с картой

It displays the current location of the train on the map and the current state (the train is standing now).

Before the departure, the train master should enter the passport data. This is done in the main menu:

Главное меню приложения мониторинга РЖД

When filling the passport, the train master enters all necessary information about the train:

Заполнение паспорта в программе мониторинга поездов

The search for departure and arrival stations is carried out from the pre-loaded list:

Поиск станции отправления и прибытия

When the passport data is sent, the application starts sending traffic information to the RR server at intervals of several minutes. In addition, it is possible to see the location and speed of the train:

Отображение информации о движении поезда в программном обеспечении

The application sends emergency messages:

Отправка аварийного сообщения в приложении для ЖД составов

It is possible to view message history:

Просмотр истории отправленных сообщений для РЖД

There is a technical menu for configuring and debugging:

Техническое меню разработанного программного обеспечения

For example, it is possible to view information about equipment and its condition:

Разработанная программа - просмотр информации об оборудовании

It is possible to view data on the signal quality from satellites:

Состояние сигнала со спутников в приложении

Soon, it is planned to integrate the software with sensors that automatically fix emergency situations (hotbox, etc.).

The system is introduced in the trains produced by the Tver Carriage Works.