Software-configurator of field crops

«Syngenta» is one of the largest companies in the world working with vegetable, field, and plant crops. We were asked by the Russian department of the company to develop a software- configurator. For example, drought resistance may be very important for certain regions, while the other – areas may require enhanced immunity of crops.

The work on configurator began with development of a prototype:

The prototype allowed to quickly come to consensus concerning design and functions of the configurator.

At first, the user sees the search criteria and selects the most important ones:

Thereupon, the software selects the crops hybrids that are the most suitable for the specified criteria:

Thus, it may seem that none of the crops perfectly meets the chosen indicators; especially if there are lot of them. In this case, the program selects the most appropriate crops and shows the criteria they do not match:

You can check up the configurator's operation by following this link. In addition to corn, we've developed configurators for beet and sunflower.

Review about the project

Review from Syngenta Russia
from marketing manager Kiseleva N.Yu. View