App for monitoring the temperature and relative humidity

Testo company (Germany) is the world leader in manufacture of gauges and control devices.

By request of this company, we've developed top level software for monitoring the indications of temperature and humidity gauges installed at various production shops.

The gauge is connected to the PC with USB and looks as follows:

Appearance of Testo gauge

The program allows to install any quantity of gauges and integrate them into a multilevel hierarchy. On each of the levels, the user can upload the image (for example, the premise plan) with marked locations of all gauges.

Testo monitoring software - editing of gauges

Data can be imported in two ways:

  • By connecting the gauge directly through USB socket;
  • By importing vi2 files generated by Testo's utility.

Through USB:

Software - import through USB

Through files:

App for Testo - import through files
App for Testo - import through files

The main function of the program is automatic drawing up of reports. Reports are stored as templates and each of them can be exported with new data anytime.

Report list is presented below. The user can add new reports or edit the existing ones.

Screen for report editing looks as follows:

Software - viewing the reports for Testo
Software - viewing the reports for Testo

For every report, the user can choose the gauges to be used in it from the general list:

Software - choice of Testo gauges

The user can set the gauge set points:

Editing set points in the app

One of the key functions is export of the report in MS Word. The result looks as follows:

Program for export in MS Word

In addition to work with reports, the software allows to edit the users having access to it:

Editing the user in Testo software

The software records key actions made by users to the log:

Viewing the user action log