Freight traffic record keeping system

Moscow branch of the company «RATEK», which deals with freight traffic throughout Russia, has contacted us. The flow of traffic has been increasing in the company, but the account has been kept «in the same old way», i.e. in Excel tables. At that time, automation has been poorly implemented: the tables have contained macros allowing to calculate the cost of delivering the goods depending on weight, value, distance.

The general scheme of the work has been as follows: the employee, engaged in the shipment of goods, has added each item to the Excel file: name, city of destination, weight, volume, value, etc .:

At the end of the day, the file has been sent to the manager, who has summarized the results. The procedure has been rather laborious and contained a lot of manual work. In general, it has taken about half an hour to close the day. In case of errors, it has been necessary to repeat everything from scratch. Due to the large amount of routine work, mistakes have occured rather often.

In addition, the company has planned to increase the number of employees – it has been necessary to ensure the possibility of parallel operation. Our team has successfully implemented the program, which has completely replaced the existing mechanism. As a result, there has been not a program, but a whole software system: there is a central server where the database is located, and client versions – they are used by operators and managers. In the developed software, we have combined the features for the cargo acceptance/dispatch and a daily summary of the results.

Program interface:

Here the person involved in the cargo dispatch enters data for each position. In some cases, the company applies special tariffs – such lines are marked in purple.

One of the innovations that could have been implemented with the help of the developed software – is automatic printing of forwarding receipts. Previously, it has been necessary to fill in a paper receipt by hand for each cargo. Each filling has taken about 2 minutes, and there could have been 100 documents a day. Our specialists have offered to fill receipts automatically – using the printer. For this purpose, a dot matrix printer has been purchased, because in each receipt – there are 4 pages, filled simultaneously through a carbon paper. The results have exceeded all expectations. Now you just need to click the button «Print selected rows» and insert a receipt form in the printer – everything is made automatically.

In «Calculation» it is possible to see the detailed explanation of figures used in the paid amount:

One more convenient feature appeared with the introduction of our software – is the opportunity to see all the positions for each of the senders/recievers:

The final calculations for each day, which have been the pain in the neck for managers, are now fully automated:

As the tariff network is still set by the management company located in Novosibirsk, the program provides the ability to import an Excel template file. From this file, tariffs are automatically read, then they are entered in the database and used to calculate the cost of transportation:

Currently, the development and implementation of software are completed and the project is in the support phase. The structure of the tariff network is changed from time to time, the employees aske to add new features – our company produces new modifications. A mechanism for updating the program without specialist has been developed. Before the start, the program automatically checks for updates via the Internet and downloads new files if necessary:

Review about the project

Review from RATEK (East Siberian lines)
from CEO Moiseev M.V. View