Optical coherent tomography scanner

In 2012, S.A.Zvereva factory in Krasnogorsk, more known as "Zenit" (today a part of "Shvabe" which, in its turn, is division of "Rostech") started developing own optical coherent tomography scanner - OCTS.

This device allows to receive a 3D picture of a eye retina in a non-invasive method. Actually, it is the analogue of well-known MRT, but functions on the basis of other principles (optical scanning) and is applied for eye diagnostics.

Example of 3D pictures obtained with such devices:

Example of Canon 1 optic tomography scanner
Example of Canon 2 optic tomography scanner
Example of Canon 3 optic tomography scanner

It was planned that "Zenit" together with Nizhniy Novgorod institute will develop a hardware part, while our team was asked to develop a top level software - reception of a picture from matrix, forming a 3D model, and display of it (with a set of collateral functions).

In outward appearance, OCTS should look like this:

Appearance of Zenit optical tomography scanner title

So, "Zenit" got down to hardware development. The photo below presents experiment with the case form:

Zenit OCTS case design

And we began developing the basic software concept. The most difficult part was formation of 3D model and its display as the eye picture consists of numerous points. Therefore, this was the first module we started to work on.

We created a demo-utility for refining a "3D engine" and ensuring its efficiency.

The utility starts work from taking two pictures from cameras - it was required for demonstration purposes to the customer:

Software of Zenit tomography scanner - camera

After taking the pictures, the abstract random 3D model was drawn, since the hardware complex was not ready at that time (so we could not obtain real data). For simplicity, we'll call this model a picture.

In black-and-white version:

App of optical coherent tomography scanner - black-and-white picture

In colour version:

Software of optical coherent tomography scanner - colour picture

Cut on one axis:

Tomography scanner program - cut on X

On another axis:

Software of Zenit optical coherent tomography scanner - cut on Z

Viewing the picture in semitransparent mode:

Display of 3D model with transparency in Zenit tomography scanner

Unfortunately, after a while the customer suspended the works on this project and we had to cease the software development.